Soybean Yield Estimator

Soybean yield estimates can begin at R-6 (full seed)

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Soybean Yield Estimator

Based on your information, this is a yield estimate and should be treated as an estimate only. The 5 and 10 year average soybean yield in Manitoba is 33 and 31 bu/ac, respectively.

Seeds Size

Enter the seed size according to your variety (found on seed tag label) and environmental conditions. If you expect larger seeds due to good growing conditions, decrease value to 2400 seeds/lb (larger seed). If you expect smaller seeds due to poor growing conditions, increase value to 3200 seeds/lb (smaller seed).

Seeds Per Pod

Average in Manitoba has been found to be 2.3. Reduce to 2.0 if growing season is stressful.

Soybean Plant at R-6

Soybean plant at R-6 (full seed): pods contain green seeds that fill the pod to capacity at one of the four uppermost nodes on a main stem.