Soybean Plant Stand Assessor

Using Row Length Method

Number of Plants Per Row

Count the number of plants along the same length of row indicated above in at least 3 areas

Add Area

Calculate Soybean Population

Soybean Population
- plants / ac

Plant Population

High: (>160,000 plants/ac)

Beyond the recommended plant stand, disease pressure may be increased

Good: (140-160,000 plants/ac)

Within the recommended range

Adequate: (120-140,000 plants/ac)

Within 5% of the recommended range

Low: (80-120,000 plants/ac)

Risk of yield loss

Very Low: (60-80,000 plants/ac)

High risk of yield loss, particular attention to weed control and pod height important

Plant population and yield information is based on final research results from Mohr et al. 2014. The effect of actual plant stand on relative yield of soybean was determined based on13 site years of data in Manitoba from 2011-2013.